Introduce TEDIndia report team of TEDtoChina

Though TEDIndia finished two weeks ago, the amazing event with many excellent local speakers from India has been playing in my mind all day. The first Asian-style TED experience has a haunting beauty. The first five TEDTalks will be released from TEDIndia soon. I can’t wait to watch them.

While Tony attended the TEDIndia as Fellow, our TEDIndia report team were working hard writing summaries of sessions and translating bio of speakers of the event.

Now let’s meet the four persons of the group. Jun Li, who is our senior coordinator, led the TEDIndia report project. Zachary Zhao, who is in charge of OPT@TEDtoChina program, joined the team with two writers Gloria Wang and Jingjing Wei.

Jun Li(李君)
Entrepreneur, Shanghai

Like many TEDTalks fans, Jun came across TED accidentally. It was the Last Lecture presented by Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch that touched her deeply, and led her into the fantastic TED world. Since then, she has become a TED evangelist and volunteer for TEDtoChina. Out of the TED world, she is co-founder at RHC International and program manager at AAMA Shanghai Angels. She also writes features for Vogue China.

Gloria Wang. (王韫千,Yunqian Wang)
Graduate student, Philadelphia

Gloria received her Bachelor Degree of arts in East China University of Political Science and Law. She is now pursuing her Master of Intercultural Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. She believes in the power of mass commutation, and enjoys sharing with others beautiful minds and thoughts. She is also an active volunteer at different organizations, wishing to help more people with her own strength.

Jingjing Wei(韦晶晶)
College student, Taiyuan,Shanxi

Jingjing is fascinated with TED. She believes that ‘To travel is to live’, thus travels a lot and keeps writing down every novelty in detail all the way around. When it comes to TEDtoChina, she would like to see more and more friends joining in this big family then sharing brilliant ideas and making progress day by day.

Zachary Zhao (赵林,Lin Zhao)
College Student, Hamilton, NY

Zachary Zhao, born in China, attended high school in Singapore and is currently studying at Colgate University in the United States. His passion lies in music, reading and helping others. He plans to double major in mathematical economics and psychology. His first encounter with TED was an accident, an accident that he will not regret. Working as a volunteer for TED and TEDtoChina has transformed his life. He hopes to bring the ideas of TED not only to Chinese but also to everybody around him.

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TEDxSYSU successful launch

The initial launch of TEDx SYSU at the Whites Hall on June 14 has witnessed great success. Huge number of people turned up on the auditorium, excited about this special treat of brain spa brought about by a selection of talented speakers.

Topics discussed in the event include:

  • Learning through Exploration
  • Evolutionary Perspective on Human Nature
  • Artistic Practice of Psychology
  • Independent Voices from the Youth
  • Thoughts on the IRIS project
  • Rethinking Cultural Heritages

Some pictures from the live event:

More coverages on TEDx SYSU can be found on TEDtoChina and the TEDx SYSU main site.

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follow up post on the Zhuhai TED salon

We had a small salon last night in the beautiful city of Zhuhai. Initially, we had plans for translate@thon in mind. But the majority of the audience – all of them students – didn’t bring in their laptops, or to be more exact, they do not own a laptop. Thus the translate@thon event could not get started.

But things were far better than we thought.

There were roughly twenty students coming to this event. Most of them English majors in the university. They were mostly intrigued and inspired by the TED idea and would like to get to know more.

Thus we talked in an informal fashion on the topic of TED for quite a while and then dived into a live screening of TEDTalk by Nicholas Negroponte on the idea of One Laptop per Child and the progress they’ve made so far. Watching such an inspirational talk by a visionary like Nicholas was a truly first-time ever experience for most of the students. They were anxious to know more, and I tried my best to give a detailed background introduction to the whole project.

Though we didn’t embark upon any serious translation projects in our first-ever meetup, we did make a commitment to give the translate@thon idea a try in the following weekend. Date for the first REAL translate@thon is May 24 in the Zhuhai campus of Sun Yat-sen University, starting from 10 in the morning and will last until 5 in the afternoon. Feel free to join us and let’s get the ball rolling!

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translate@thon for TED

Inspired by the translate@thon events in the free software world, I recently came up with the idea of introducing the translate@thon concept into the field of knowledge mining.

The idea is, we will invite some people into a room, get them familiar with the idea of TED and the concept of translate@thon, then we will kick off and immerse ourselves in the ecstasy brought about in all these brilliant TEDTalks and possibly have our brain blown away by the talks. But that’s not our goal. Our goal is to put the talks into Chinese and help blow away people’s brain through translating!

Admittedly, this is no easy task. But it is something that deserves time and effort. One man’s effort might be small, but collectively, we can make seemingly things happen. As has been observed by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Visit the event page for translate@thon on

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TEDx is coming to China

Since TEDtoChina was launched six months ago, many friends asked us a question when TED would come to China. We couldn’t give an answer at the time. Now it is finally happening! The news seems to be getting brighter, lighter.

Last week we heard the first Mainland China TEDx event TEDxShanghai would be held in June 15. And TEDxBeijing is also coming.

Last Saturday we launched a new category TEDx Special Report (TEDx专题报道) with a new post on three speakers of TEDxTaipei Salon (BQ Live). This week we substituted TEDx Special Report as cover story for our daily category TED Talk of the Day (今日TED演讲).

Let’s take a quick look at these posts.

April 27, 2009 TEDx Beta introduction

This post introduced the background of TEDx program. We highlighted innovation of TED brand management with three cases including TED licenses TED talks under Creative Commons, TED Prize, and TED fellows program.

A short introductory video in which TED Curator Chris Anderson explains the TEDx program also is embedded in the post.

April 28, 2009 First TED fans Meetup in Guangzhou

Tony Yet organized the first TED fans Guangzhou meetup last Sunday at Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学). The participants watched three TED talks together and had a conversation on how to promote TED through TEDx program.

This is the first offline event TEDtoChina organized. It seems to be a test of TEDx style event.

April 29, 2009 The Guide of TEDx Program

In this post we combined three piece of TEDx program information together. The first piece is 7 reasons to organize a TEDx event, the second is 7 steps to host a TEDx, and last is 5 basic TEDx rules. This information was mixed into a 19 memos for organizing a TEDx event.

April 30, 2009 Introduction of Global TEDx events

TEDx program has quickly spread worldwide. We introduced four kinds of global TEDx events in this post.

The first is about mini TED events before TEDx beta launch. We introduced BQ live in Taipei, IDEAfest at University of Alberta, and Terry Talks at University of B.C.

The second is on past TEDx events, we introduced TEDxWarwick, TEDxMelbourne, and TEDxUSC.

The third is about meetup-focused TEDx events. We introduced TEDxNewYork, TEDxNWC, and TEDxTC. We recommended this format to our readers because it’s easy to make things happen.

Last is on live speech-focused TEDx events. We introduced TEDxSF, TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxTO, TEDxParis, and TEDxRussian which aims to build local TED community through hosting TEDxMoscow and translation project.

May 1, 2009 TEDx in Asia

We introduced TEDxTelAviv, TEDxTokyo, TEDxManila, TEDxGreen, TEDxSingapore, TEDxSeoul, TEDxShanghai, and TEDxTaipei.

May 2, 2009 Nominate live speakers for TEDx Event in Greater China

In this post, we asked our readers to nominate live speakers for TEDxTaipei and TEDxShanghai. Beside, we suggested people also nominate speakers to TEDtoChina.

We aim to build a quality speakers database and recommending them to local TEDx hosts in Greater China.

May 3, 2009 Summary of the week

This is a routine summary every Sunday.

We hope these Chinese introductions could help those who want to apply for a TEDx event in mainland China. If you are hosting a TEDx event whether in or out of China, please contact us at and we can report your local TEDx events in Chinese site of

This time we leave you with TED Curator Chris Anderson’s TEDx program introductory video.

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Added Google Calendar to

Recently I have free time to work on improving’s user interface and adding more features.

Last week, I added Google Calendar to our site.

Some related TED events have been added and more coming soon.

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[Houston] Oliver Ding on Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌)’s talk

Last week, I watched an amazing talk on TEDxTaipei website by Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌). Ben, co-founder of, shared his view of empathy at Big Question Conference 2008. He is now running a documentary house called CNEX (short for China Next) with the mission of making 100 documentary films within 10 years about China’s society change.

Ben Tsiang shared the success of, Inc (NASDAQ:SINA) and pointed out empathy is a very important trait. People who want to make a successful cooperation need to compare opinions with each other, try to understand different stances, and learn from background of partners.

Ben Tsiang (CNEX)–Empathy from BQConference on Vimeo.

There is a presentation on Slideshare.

After looking back on his life, which involved multidisciplines, , Ben Tsiang asked himself a big question – what he wanted to do in the next ten years? CNEX is his answer.

In time of rapid changes and globalization, CNEX promotes worldwide communication and cooperation in documentary making. CNEX facilitates cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world, and strives to spread the spirit and ideas of new Chinese culture. Let’s have look at its mission:

CNEX provides a platform of supports for and exchanges among Chinese documentary filmmakers by organizing and coordinating international cultural activities, both of independent initiatives or securing supports from governments. It aims to help more professionals in the effort of preserving cultures of Chinese communities, in the forms of visual and audio documents. CNEX hopes to establish and develop a library of global Chinese nonfiction work, and to enhance a sustainable strategy for the contemporary Chinese documentary making.

10 years, 100 documentary films. It seems like a TED wish. You can check out more details on CNEX’s website

This time we leave you with Jehane Noujaim’s TED Prize wish talk.

You know, this talk is also about empathy and documentary film. Pangea Day taps the power of film to strengthen tolerance and compassion while uniting millions of people to build a better future. I wish I could see Chinese Next Day in 2017:)

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TEDtoChina: a brief overview

We started TEDtoChina back in October, 2008. It was an idea from Tony Yet and Oliver Dingback then to make the TED message heard among the 1.3 billion plus Chinese speaking folks in the world.

We got a kick start with some 20 pieces of Chinese translations of TED presentations and have since grown into a robust community of TED fans all around China. This is a big boost for us, and also a reflection of love for TED among many Chinese. Thanks, TED :-)

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Why TEDtoChina

TEDtoChina is a community of volunteers who are committed to the idea of TED, and are active in spreading the TED meme. Like all TEDsters, we believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. We sincerely hope that these ideas can be heard by many more Chinese speakers, thus inviting a broader discussion of TED-related matters, and igniting positive changes in China. However, due to a language barrier, many Chinese are unable to have a taste of TED, eager though they might be.

So we did Chinese translations of TEDtalks, which produced big welcoming response. Then we decided we can build a community around this, to further our translation efforts and enlarge the reach of TED in China. We started this website in October, 2008. Chinese translations of TEDtalks and follow-ups of TED Prize initiatives are featured on, with reports from local screenings of school/office TED sessions coming soon in the future.

The Chinese name of this website “TED中国粉丝团” literary means a fans club of TED in China. This is an unofficial fan-generated website, made and managed by the community, and hopefully, loved by the community. We believe that ideas can be both engaging and entertaining. We invite you to join in this global discussion, listen to many different voices of inspiration, and tell their own stories.

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