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Interview with Tony Yet [Published on TED’s Official Blog]

In an effort to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the thousands of volunteer translators working at TED’s Open Translation Project (OTP), TED has been conducting and publishing interviews with selected translators in the past few months. On 12th May, 2010 – one day before the 1-year anniversary of OTP – TED published an interview with the top Chinese translator Tony Yet, who is also one of the co-founders of TEDtoChina. In this amazing interview, Tony talked about his interest in language, technology and social innovation, his reasons for joining OTP and some of his favorite talks. TEDtoChina also received an honorable mention in this interview:

Later, I thought it would be a good idea to create a website to feature these translated TEDTalks. So with the help of a friend living in the US, we launched The idea is to bridge over the language barrier and bring these innovative talks to more Chinese people. It’s been a great journey for us to witness the birth and growth of the TED Chinese translator community and the much bigger TED fan community in China.

Click here to read the full interview.

Tony is also a TED Fellow and the one of translators (together with Danye West) behind the 2000th translated TED Talk.

Congratulations to Tony and all the wonderful volunteer translators on their amazing work!

You can head to TED’s blog to read about interviews with other translators, or check out this post to have a glimpse of how far and fast OTP has progressed in merely a year. Alternatively, if you read Chinese, you can take a look at the various posts related to OTP published on TEDtoChina’s Chinese site to keep in touch with the progress of Chinese translations. Last but not least, we will be publishing an English version of the interview we conducted with the top Traditional Chinese translator Bill Hsiung a short while ago. So stay tuned! :)

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赵林(Zachary Lin Zhao)
Senior Coordinator at Translators Service Group

Zachary Zhao was born in China, attended high school in Singapore and is currently studying at Colgate University in the United States. His first encounter with TED was an accident, an accident that he will never regret. Working as a volunteer for TED and TEDtoChina has transformed his life. He hopes to bring the ideas of TED not only to the Chinese people but also to everybody around him.

Email: OTP at TEDtoChina dot com

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Twitter: @TEDtoChina_en

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