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Why TEDtoChina

TEDtoChina is a community of volunteers who are committed to the idea of TED, and are active in spreading the TED meme. Like all TEDsters, we believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. We sincerely hope that these ideas can be heard by many more Chinese speakers, thus inviting a broader discussion of TED-related matters, and igniting positive changes in China. However, due to a language barrier, many Chinese are unable to have a taste of TED, eager though they might be.

So we did Chinese translations of TEDtalks, which produced big welcoming response. Then we decided we can build a community around this, to further our translation efforts and enlarge the reach of TED in China. We started this website in October, 2008. Chinese translations of TEDtalks and follow-ups of TED Prize initiatives are featured on, with reports from local screenings of school/office TED sessions coming soon in the future.

The Chinese name of this website “TED中国粉丝团” literary means a fans club of TED in China. This is an unofficial fan-generated website, made and managed by the community, and hopefully, loved by the community. We believe that ideas can be both engaging and entertaining. We invite you to join in this global discussion, listen to many different voices of inspiration, and tell their own stories.

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