TEDxBeijing:Elyse Ribbons

Elyse Ribbons
Founder, Cheeky Monkey

Elyse Ribbons is a playwright, actress, blogger, director and radio host. Born in Detroit Michigan, raised in North Carolina and a Beijing resident for the past 7+ years, she is the founder of Cheeky Monkey Theater, which has produced five plays and created the ShiFen Theater Festival; As one of the hosts of CRI’s Mandarin-language program “Laowai Kandian” she enjoys the challenge of explaining the American perspective while carefully avoiding any of the words on the censored list.

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Her contribution to a harmonious society is mainly in the form of comedic plays that embraces stereotypes and proceeds to mock them. In her spare time, she organizes ChocoJing, Beijing’s Chocolate Appreciation Society.

Foreign pupils for the most part take advantage of website using online causes.

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