TEDxBeijing: Ines Brunn

Ines Brunn

Founder and CEO, Natooke
Advisor, Greening the Beige

Ines Brunn is a German physicist and passionate cyclist that lived in the USA for 6 years. She was a researcher at a particle accelerator, then moved to the telecommunication industry and relocated to Beijing in 2004. She was a competitive athlete for over 20 years, on the German National Team of indoor cycling for 10 years and still performs around the world. In 2007, fueled by her passion, Ines and a friend initiated the steadily growing community of fixed gear bicyclists in Beijing. Ines founded Natooke – the first fixed gear bike and juggling shop in China.

She is advisor of Greening the Beige, an eco-minded arts collective to connect and build synergies between environmental organizations and green individuals in Beijing. Ines aims to build awareness for bicycling in China as a sport, hobby and daily transportation method to help minimize carbon emissions. With her cycling she has been on TV in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore and of course in China (CCTV3, CCTV9, TianjinTV).

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