Introduce TEDIndia report team of TEDtoChina

Though TEDIndia finished two weeks ago, the amazing event with many excellent local speakers from India has been playing in my mind all day. The first Asian-style TED experience has a haunting beauty. The first five TEDTalks will be released from TEDIndia soon. I can’t wait to watch them.

While Tony attended the TEDIndia as Fellow, our TEDIndia report team were working hard writing summaries of sessions and translating bio of speakers of the event.

Now let’s meet the four persons of the group. Jun Li, who is our senior coordinator, led the TEDIndia report project. Zachary Zhao, who is in charge of OPT@TEDtoChina program, joined the team with two writers Gloria Wang and Jingjing Wei.

Jun Li(李君)
Entrepreneur, Shanghai

Like many TEDTalks fans, Jun came across TED accidentally. It was the Last Lecture presented by Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch that touched her deeply, and led her into the fantastic TED world. Since then, she has become a TED evangelist and volunteer for TEDtoChina. Out of the TED world, she is co-founder at RHC International and program manager at AAMA Shanghai Angels. She also writes features for Vogue China.

Gloria Wang. (王韫千,Yunqian Wang)
Graduate student, Philadelphia

Gloria received her Bachelor Degree of arts in East China University of Political Science and Law. She is now pursuing her Master of Intercultural Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. She believes in the power of mass commutation, and enjoys sharing with others beautiful minds and thoughts. She is also an active volunteer at different organizations, wishing to help more people with her own strength.

Jingjing Wei(韦晶晶)
College student, Taiyuan,Shanxi

Jingjing is fascinated with TED. She believes that ‘To travel is to live’, thus travels a lot and keeps writing down every novelty in detail all the way around. When it comes to TEDtoChina, she would like to see more and more friends joining in this big family then sharing brilliant ideas and making progress day by day.

Zachary Zhao (赵林,Lin Zhao)
College Student, Hamilton, NY

Zachary Zhao, born in China, attended high school in Singapore and is currently studying at Colgate University in the United States. His passion lies in music, reading and helping others. He plans to double major in mathematical economics and psychology. His first encounter with TED was an accident, an accident that he will not regret. Working as a volunteer for TED and TEDtoChina has transformed his life. He hopes to bring the ideas of TED not only to Chinese but also to everybody around him.

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