TEDx is coming to China

Since TEDtoChina was launched six months ago, many friends asked us a question when TED would come to China. We couldn’t give an answer at the time. Now it is finally happening! The news seems to be getting brighter, lighter.

Last week we heard the first Mainland China TEDx event TEDxShanghai would be held in June 15. And TEDxBeijing is also coming.

Last Saturday we launched a new category TEDx Special Report (TEDx专题报道) with a new post on three speakers of TEDxTaipei Salon (BQ Live). This week we substituted TEDx Special Report as cover story for our daily category TED Talk of the Day (今日TED演讲).

Let’s take a quick look at these posts.

April 27, 2009 TEDx Beta introduction

This post introduced the background of TEDx program. We highlighted innovation of TED brand management with three cases including TED licenses TED talks under Creative Commons, TED Prize, and TED fellows program.

A short introductory video in which TED Curator Chris Anderson explains the TEDx program also is embedded in the post.

April 28, 2009 First TED fans Meetup in Guangzhou

Tony Yet organized the first TED fans Guangzhou meetup last Sunday at Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学). The participants watched three TED talks together and had a conversation on how to promote TED through TEDx program.

This is the first offline event TEDtoChina organized. It seems to be a test of TEDx style event.

April 29, 2009 The Guide of TEDx Program

In this post we combined three piece of TEDx program information together. The first piece is 7 reasons to organize a TEDx event, the second is 7 steps to host a TEDx, and last is 5 basic TEDx rules. This information was mixed into a 19 memos for organizing a TEDx event.

April 30, 2009 Introduction of Global TEDx events

TEDx program has quickly spread worldwide. We introduced four kinds of global TEDx events in this post.

The first is about mini TED events before TEDx beta launch. We introduced BQ live in Taipei, IDEAfest at University of Alberta, and Terry Talks at University of B.C.

The second is on past TEDx events, we introduced TEDxWarwick, TEDxMelbourne, and TEDxUSC.

The third is about meetup-focused TEDx events. We introduced TEDxNewYork, TEDxNWC, and TEDxTC. We recommended this format to our readers because it’s easy to make things happen.

Last is on live speech-focused TEDx events. We introduced TEDxSF, TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxTO, TEDxParis, and TEDxRussian which aims to build local TED community through hosting TEDxMoscow and translation project.

May 1, 2009 TEDx in Asia

We introduced TEDxTelAviv, TEDxTokyo, TEDxManila, TEDxGreen, TEDxSingapore, TEDxSeoul, TEDxShanghai, and TEDxTaipei.

May 2, 2009 Nominate live speakers for TEDx Event in Greater China

In this post, we asked our readers to nominate live speakers for TEDxTaipei and TEDxShanghai. Beside, we suggested people also nominate speakers to TEDtoChina.

We aim to build a quality speakers database and recommending them to local TEDx hosts in Greater China.

May 3, 2009 Summary of the week

This is a routine summary every Sunday.

We hope these Chinese introductions could help those who want to apply for a TEDx event in mainland China. If you are hosting a TEDx event whether in or out of China, please contact us at tedtochina@gmail.com and we can report your local TEDx events in Chinese site of TEDtoChina.com.

This time we leave you with TED Curator Chris Anderson’s TEDx program introductory video.

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