[Houston] Oliver Ding on Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌)’s talk

Last week, I watched an amazing talk on TEDxTaipei website by Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌). Ben, co-founder of SINA.com, shared his view of empathy at Big Question Conference 2008. He is now running a documentary house called CNEX (short for China Next) with the mission of making 100 documentary films within 10 years about China’s society change.

Ben Tsiang shared the success of Sina.com, Inc (NASDAQ:SINA) and pointed out empathy is a very important trait. People who want to make a successful cooperation need to compare opinions with each other, try to understand different stances, and learn from background of partners.

Ben Tsiang (CNEX)–Empathy from BQConference on Vimeo.

There is a presentation on Slideshare.

After looking back on his life, which involved multidisciplines, , Ben Tsiang asked himself a big question – what he wanted to do in the next ten years? CNEX is his answer.

In time of rapid changes and globalization, CNEX promotes worldwide communication and cooperation in documentary making. CNEX facilitates cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world, and strives to spread the spirit and ideas of new Chinese culture. Let’s have look at its mission:

CNEX provides a platform of supports for and exchanges among Chinese documentary filmmakers by organizing and coordinating international cultural activities, both of independent initiatives or securing supports from governments. It aims to help more professionals in the effort of preserving cultures of Chinese communities, in the forms of visual and audio documents. CNEX hopes to establish and develop a library of global Chinese nonfiction work, and to enhance a sustainable strategy for the contemporary Chinese documentary making.

10 years, 100 documentary films. It seems like a TED wish. You can check out more details on CNEX’s website www.cnex.org.tw

This time we leave you with Jehane Noujaim’s TED Prize wish talk.

You know, this talk is also about empathy and documentary film. Pangea Day taps the power of film to strengthen tolerance and compassion while uniting millions of people to build a better future. I wish I could see Chinese Next Day in 2017:)

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